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Quantum computing –  Is it too late to learn?

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I have been in computer science for a while and I used and explored a large number of programming languages (C, C++, Java, C#, Basic, Asm, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Lisp, Prolog…) and a lot more that I do not even remember the names.

They are scaling from basic machine code bit (0 or 1 value) manipulation to very high level such as object oriented and domain oriented programming in different architectures and programming patterns. I never had a big problem to get to the point and understand the core concepts and essence of any of them.

That’s Nice! What helped me with that was that all these languages are sharing the same foundations: They are “bit based programming” running on “bit based computer”. Therefore, whatever complicated they are, any instruction ended manipulating bits.



My problems started when I was trying to write a piece of code for a quantum computer. You know? The kind of mysterious computers put in fridge colder than anything you can imagine and based on a theory of physics that none understands: If you think you understand quantum theory this means that you do not understand yet! Said the father of quantum computers Richard Feynman.

The gap is higher than learning some instructions and tying them together to implement a solution for a given problem. You have to dive deeper in your mind and build a very new mindset of thinking to explore this exotic world of information technology.

So, forget about the ‘bit’, the nice elementary piece of information, which has the clearly defined value “0” OR “1” and which you can manipulate (switch, read and write or copy…) with no difficulty. You have to think in term of “qubit” (for quantum bit) which can have multiple values at the same time (superposition of states) but with only one output when measured (superposition destruction), which cannot be copied and which can be “linked” to another qubit even so far one from the other.

If you are ready for such challenge, the response to the title question is: Never!

So, have fun with your new mindset ! and never stop learning…!

Sif E. El Harti


Written by selharti

January 6, 2018 at 7:57 am

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