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Haiti Earthquake (January the 12th 2010), Why such disaster?

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I’m so saddened by what happened in Haiti this week (January the 12th 2010, 5pm local time) and I’m sure not to be the only one. There is more that 17 million results about the subject on the Internet.

My big questions are the following:

Why there was no warning about it before it happened? Where are all the scientists of the world who are monitoring this? What are all those satellites doing over ours heads if they can’t save some souls from such disaster? Aren’t we so developed to predict such things?

Perhaps I’m wrong! But I didn’t hear any where about any initiative to notify the local authorities. And I’m pretty sure that if a message was sent a ten or five minutes before it happened, it would save some people from this apocalyptic event.

If this entire science advance and all the technologies we have aren’t able to help us with such situation, this perhaps means that we are on the wrong track!!

I know that earthquakes have a chaotic behaviour. Thus, they are very hard to be predicted with certitude. But I know also that they are preceded by signs that animals can detect, and if animals can do it why can’t we do so???

Unfortunately, all what I said will not help so much now. I hope only that we will learn some lessons from that; but notice that the price was so high!

For now, we can at least help the survivors so they can come back to life. You can help and anyone can do so…

Sif E. Elharti,

Even small acts can have a great impact…


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January 16, 2010 at 2:09 am

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