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Project Management: Part 1 – Getting started

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Project management is a real challenging world. Indeed, there is no magical recipe that guaranties a 100% result. This is a built-in characteristic of this domain. – It’s not the only one, for sure, but let’s focus on this one only -. It remains in our limited capacities to surround all the elements that may, directly or indirectly, influence our project path. But fortunately, we have a great gift from the nature: learning capacities.

Thus, a large number of organisations, thinkers and experimented persons tried, and are still trying, to define standards, frameworks, check lists and tools (theoretical and practical) for project management. Those are the result of a long-term experience (starting from, or may be before, The Great Alexander to nowadays) and all the learned lessons aggregated. The main purpose is to help project managers to reduce, as much as possible, the difference between actual results and expected outcomes throughout the project life.

Before going further, we will need to ensure some concepts as basic as what is a project? What is a result (real or expected)? We will also need to specify what does “reduce the distance” means? Is there a measuring system? What is a project life? And so many other questions we will encounter and try to answer during our journey in this large ocean.

Once we are done with that, and it will be neither a short nor an easy task, we will explore other facets not less important as Priority, Focus, Causal set and more other elements that affect project life or may help to make better decisions.

We will refer principally to PMBOk fourth edition (Project Management Base Of Knowledge) the PMIs (Project management Institute) standard for Project management.

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Even small acts can have a great impact…


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January 2, 2010 at 7:16 pm

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