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Even small acts can have a great impact…

Ecology – Save our planet is everyone’s responsibility

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A lot have been said about our planet sickness and our major responsibility regarding this situation. So, I won’t extend more on what pretty everybody knows about and on the necessity to do something about it. Actions can be done at several levels worldwide, countries, provinces, cities, organisations, enterprises, homes, and individuals. Action of those last, in my opinion, is the most significant one. Since it’s a general problem so it’s everyone’s responsibility. Actually, by acting, we ovoid ourselves and our humankind some disasters and even short-term disappearance.

I believe that the more we write and talk about this subject the more persons will be aware and will act. So here is my modest contribution to help our planet. It’s just a list of basic actions that anyone can do.

Your contribution to apply, extend and distribute this list is much appreciated but most of all thankful by future generations.

The following actions theme is: Consume but don’t waste.

Home / office

Turn of the light if not needed (when you leave a room or an office).

Turn off unneeded computer or at least set it to standby mode.

Cut off the water while brushing your teeth or shaving.

Shorten your morning shower (you can sing while traveling to work for example)

Bye and consume local products (this will decrease products transportation).  

Don’t buy what you don’t really need or what you won’t use.

Cook just what you need.

Don’t throw away the remaining clean food (you may use it later or perhaps someone around needs it)

It’s not that bad to take a potato with a scar.

Try to do what you have to do as clean as possible (This will avoid wasting time for you and for the others: which means wasting energy).

Recycle as much as possible

In car

Use public transport as much as possible.

Share the car seat with neighbors and colleagues.
Don’t accelerate a lot knowing you will stop just later (in front of a red light – for example).  

Don’t let the engine turning for no raison.

Avoid heavy traffic.

Limit the use of air conditioning system to what is necessary.

Don’t drive when you can walk or ride your bike to reach your destination.

*** Doing so, not only the planet will be happy but even your packet.

The list is longer than that but let’s start with this. Your comments are welcome.

In the name of the planet, thank you!


Even small acts can have a great impact.


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December 27, 2009 at 12:28 am

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